Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Forty-Six

By James Dashner

Chapter Forty-Six

  • Huh, the Right Arm is supposedly the good-guy group, so this whole situation is a bit confusing.
  • One of the guards says that if they want answers, they need to talk to the boss.
  • The guards keep saying that they don't know anything except that they were supposed to round up a bunch of immune peopleā€”so Minho takes the Launcher and threatens them for more information.
  • After one guy repeats that he doesn't know anything, Minho fires.
  • So now the other two guards are shaken up and scared; it seems like Minho is a madman.
  • Finally, Minho gets one guard to speak: the man says he can take a couple of the immune people back to talk to the boss.
  • Ahh, that wasn't so hard. All they needed was Minho in charge of the interrogating.
  • The man also says that if our heroes want to go, they should go soon, because Cranks are everywhere, and they're killing anything that moves.