Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Forty-Three

By James Dashner

Chapter Forty-Three

  • When the destination is reached, Thomas feels the impulse to take his hood off. But the lead guy makes sure he doesn't; he snaps at Thomas right away.
  • Our heroes are all led to a door, judging by the sound of a key card, and when they enter, they can hear a bunch of voices filling the air. There must be a bunch of people inside.
  • Thomas removes his hood and sees a room filled with people sitting on the floor. One woman approaches him and asks him what it's like outside.
  • Apparently, the government issued a state of emergency without warning everyone, and immune people are being captured left and right. This woman used to be a guard at Crank Palace before she was taken.
  • As Thomas surveys the people in the room, he realizes that Aris is among them.
  • Aris recognizes Thomas and comes over with a grin. A few girls from Group B are also there.
  • Thomas and Aris have a quick reunion; they say they're relieved to see each other. Thomas asks where the rest are, and Aris tells him they were taken by another group.
  • Then Teresa appears. Oh, boy.
  • Teresa approaches Thomas and tells him they have lots to talk about. She quickly adds that most of their group was captured by different bounty hunters, including Frypan. They were probably sold back to WICKED.
  • Teresa motions to talk to Thomas, and as much as he doesn't want to—and as much as Minho doesn't want him to—Thomas agrees. But he wants to make it quick.