Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Four

By James Dashner

Chapter Four

  • Turns out that the isolated room Thomas was in was his Phase Three of the Trials. All of the other Gladers had to go through a Phase Three as well.
  • Rat Man leads Thomas to a room, and he's greeted by all of his fellow Gladers (Groups A and B). Everyone seems happy and talkative, but who knows, they could all just be faking it.
  • Thomas notices that Jorge and Brenda aren't there. He's just about to ask Rat Man about their whereabouts when he sees Teresa.
  • Cue awkward stare-down in 3-2-1.
  • Thomas tries calling out to Teresa telepathically, but she doesn't respond. Instead they just stare at each other like idiots.
  • After some nice pats on the back from Minho and Newt, Teresa tells Thomas that WICKED cut her off from talking to him. Hmm, likely story.
  • Rat Man decides to interrupt everybody with a little—or should we say, huge—announcement. It's time to "remove the Swipe" (4.25).
  • Meaning: its' time to give everyone their memories back.