Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Fourteen

By James Dashner

Chapter Fourteen

  • Amidst all of the noise and the lack of light, Minho loses the guard. That's unfortunate.
  • The group is able to reach through the dark and open the doors, though, and they start shooting into the room. No one's in there.
  • The group decides to go to the weapons depot, which is on the way to the hangar. That way they'll be all locked and loaded.
  • After about fifteen minutes of jogging, the group gets to the weapons depot, and the door opens pretty easily.
  • Minho's suspicious: no one is there, and there are just tons of weapons there for the taking. Something is up.
  • Newt then points out the dust patterns: it's obvious that stuff was taken recently.
  • Minho makes a quick joke about how that means nothing—as he usually does in these sorts of situations—but Newt snaps. Like, snaps.
  • Thomas realizes it's not really Newt, though: he's starting to succumb to the Flare.
  • Brenda then acknowledges Newt's point: why would a bunch of guards need to get new Launchers (which they usually all have handy anyway) that day? Plus, where are all of the weapons they left behind?