Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Nine

By James Dashner

Chapter Nine

  • Eventually, Thomas falls asleep, which triggers one of his memory-dream thingamabobs.
  • Thomas is sitting across from his mother, who's watching him eat his cereal.
  • Then we get another memory: Thomas is playing with what seems to be Legos, and his mother is sitting in a chair crying. He can tell that his father has just been diagnosed with the Flare.
  • The next memory: Thomas is riding a bike, and his mother is trying to savor every moment of the experience. They get to a pond, and he tries to skip rocks, but with no luck.
  • Thomas's memories then get worse: a man with a dark suit and papers in his hand is sitting on the couch. He's from WICKED.
  • The man is saying that Thomas is immune, that less than 1% of the population is immune, that all of those who are immune are under twenty. Thomas's mother has no choice but to let him go.
  • Thomas finally wakes up to see Janson telling everyone they've decided to give the boys their memories back after all, like it or not.