Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Seven

By James Dashner

Chapter Seven

  • When Rat Man comes back into the room, he starts ratting—excuse us, rattling off names to stay in the room. Apparently, there are separate rooms for different kids.
  • The rest of the kids follow Rat Man (Aris and a girl named Sonya are the only recognizable Gladers to stay in the first room), and he stops at the second room.
  • Frypan admits to the guys that he wants his memory back. He seems embarrassed by this choice, so he scurries into his room quickly.
  • After some pretty scathing "Rat Man" comments from Minho and Newt, the man just can't take it anymore. He tells them to respect their elders, and he says that he is Assistant Director Janson. Eh, suit yourself Rat Man.
  • When our main characters reach their room, Thomas notices a bunch of people dressed in green clothes next to the beds.
  • One person happens to be Brenda. Hmm, there's a plot twist for you.
  • Brenda, seemingly overcome with emotion, runs to Thomas to give him a big ol' hug. Janson isn't a very happy camper when she does this.
  • When she reaches Thomas, Brenda whispers in his ear, "Don't trust them. Do not trust them. Only me and Chancellor Paige, Thomas. Ever. No one else" (7.29).
  • Chancellor Paige is the woman who is in charge of WICKED—we learned this from the previous two epilogues of Book One and Book Two.
  • After Brenda retreats, Janson reminds everyone that there are heavily armed guards on their way, and that they're all being watched—so no funny business.
  • Three men and two women then burst into the room with large weapons that hold some kind of shiny, metallic grenades that crackle with electricity.
  • Janson lets everyone know that these guns are called Launchers. They won't kill you, but they'll give you the most uncomfortable five minutes of your life.
  • Huh, sounds legit.
  • Janson then orders the guards to escort Thomas, Minho, and Newt to a room until their tests the next morning.
  • Yep, fishy stuff is totally going on here.