Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Seventy

By James Dashner

Chapter Seventy

  • Teresa screams at Thomas to listen to her: all he needs to do is reach inside the Grievers' skins, and inside there's a handle switch that will kill them.
  • Hmm, sounds disgusting.
  • Thomas frantically runs around to the pods, shutting off Grievers and killing them. He gets to the fourth pod, but it's just climbing out when he reaches it. A pair of scissor-blades swipe at his head, and he ducks. Luckily, he finds the switch, and it, too, dies.
  • But there is one last Griever. It spins forward with machines in its belly, then slices through a bunch of people with its blades. More deaths; more carnage.
  • Thomas yells at Minho to get everyone into the maintenance room, while Thomas distracts the Griever.
  • Teresa tries to help, but the Griever starts sucking her face into its blubbery skin, suffocating her.
  • Thomas finds a pipe nearby, then gives it a shot—he smashes the Griever, then plunges his arm into its flesh. It starts to stab him, but he finds the switch and it turns off. Phew.
  • And our heroes are all back and running.