Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Seventy-One

By James Dashner

Chapter Seventy-One

  • About two hundred people have made it out of the Maze, but they have all stopped moving. They're at a stairwell and don't know whether to go up or down. Brenda says they need to go up.
  • An explosion sounds, and everyone starts running up. Finally, they reach the maintenance room and get to the Flat Trans. Chancellor Paige told the truth.
  • Thomas looks through the Trans and sees that it isn't a trick—at least, he hopes it isn't. Beyond it is a vast forest of green with trees and flowers and such.
  • Thomas orders one Glader to make sure everyone makes it through the Flat Trans, while he stays near the back. The explosions get louder and louder as people make it through.
  • Just as the end of the line gets near, they all hear a voice. It's Janson. Again.
  • Surrounding Janson are WICKED security guards—but only seven of them. Thomas has a few more people on his side.
  • Janson pulls out a knife, and so do the other guards. Hmm, looks like it's gonna be a pretty epic showdown.
  • The Gladers all find weapons of their own, and the two sides charge. Awwww yeah.