Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Seventy-Two

By James Dashner

Chapter Seventy-Two

  • The two groups crash into each other like soldiers in an ancient battle. Thomas gets matched up with Janson.
  • Thomas deals the first blow, stabbing Janson right in the armpit. Oof, not the armpit.
  • Then Thomas starts smashing Janson in the face with his fists, but Janson recoils and knocks Thomas onto his back.
  • Janson jumps on Thomas then starts wailing on him. The two struggle back and forth, each one gaining then losing the advantage.
  • Finally, Thomas finds enough strength to elbow Janson in the face, and he starts strangling the man. Thomas uses all of his rage and just holds on.
  • Thomas starts to forget what's even going on; he just keeps squeezing. That's when Minho runs up to him.
  • Dude, he's been dead for a while now. You can stop strangling him like a Crank. So says Minho.
  • Ah, well, it turns out that all of the heroes won their battles, so it's back to the Flat Trans. Just as they're about to make it, a chunk of stone falls right where Thomas is standing. Is this it for Thomas?
  • Right as the stone's about to land, Thomas is knocked to the side. By Teresa.
  • Thomas is okay, but Teresa isn't so okay. In fact, she's been crushed by the stone with just her head sticking out. She's pretty done for.
  • Just as she's about to die, Teresa tells Thomas she's sorry.
  • Uh, for what? Saving his life like three times?
  • Thomas can't believe what he's seeing: he's pulled by Brenda and Minho, and they dash toward the Flat Trans. They make it, and they jump through.