Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Six

By James Dashner

Chapter Six

  • Well, the good news is that Thomas already knows he's immune. The bad news: Newt isn't.
  • Also, Rat Man adds that only two of the kids are possible "Candidates." Whatever that means.
  • So, yeah, Thomas barely even recognizes any of the other names of kids who aren't immune. He's still stuck on the fact that one of his best pals, Newt, is slowly going insane.
  • When Thomas looks at Newt, though, the boy doesn't seem too upset. He figured he had the Flare anyway, and he didn't think he'd be alive at that point, so he's fine with it. Huh, that's a weirdly optimistic outlook.
  • Rat Man leaves, and immediately the room erupts into pandemonium.
  • Teresa and Aris are all for removing the Swipe, which reinforces Minho's inclination to stay away from WICKED. Minho was never a huge fan of Teresa or Aris.
  • Minho, Newt, and Thomas decide to play along with the Swipe plan, but when they get a chance, they'll try to escape.