Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Sixteen

By James Dashner

Chapter Sixteen

  • The four decide to search for their other Glader friends. But after about an hour or so, they give up. They need to get to the hangar.
  • On their way, they hear a low-pitched moaning—never a good sign.
  • They creep back to the room with the moaning, and there are a bunch of guards with their mouths gagged. Hey, at least they aren't dead, like they were back in Book Two.
  • Brenda wants to question the guards, but Thomas thinks they should all rush to the hangar before it's too late.
  • The others follow Thomas's advice, and at the hangar, they find a man groaning and rubbing his head next to a wooden box. It's Jorge.
  • Sup, hermano.
  • Jorge tells everyone that the other Gladers (Teresa and such) took over the compound and suppressed the guards, then stole a Berg and flew away.