Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Sixty-Eight

By James Dashner

Chapter Sixty-Eight

  • Pretty quickly, everyone is running towards the Glade.
  • When they reach the Glade, they see hundreds of people. There are even babies and little kids among the crowd.
  • The gang even sees Frypan, Sonya, and some other people they knew back from the Maze. Woo, reunion.
  • Well, not so fast. Our heroes realize they need to move quickly.
  • Thomas helps divide the Immunes into groups with the rest of the experienced Gladers as group leaders. If they're attacked, they need to fight along with their groups.
  • Just as they're about to run, a large crack sounds, and the ground starts shaking. It's the Right Arm's explosions. Oh, no.
  • Just as our heroes realize that the explosions are going off, a massive chunk of rock falls from the ceiling and crushes a group of people.
  • Blood sprays everywhere.
  • Let's add another traumatic experience to the already large laundry list, shall we?