Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Sixty-Five

By James Dashner

Chapter Sixty-Five

  • So Janson and a stocky dude have Thomas captive, and Janson has a huge knife.
  • The man holding Thomas down then tells him he's going to let Thomas go, and when he does, he had better sit still.
  • Yeah, whatever you say, dude.
  • Once the man lets Thomas go, Thomas springs into action and roundhouse-kicks Janson in the face.
  • Thomas kicks Janson again, this time knocking the knife away.
  • Thomas, surprised by his own feat of strength, dives towards the knife and takes a position.
  • It's two against one, and Janson seems pretty confident. But Thomas isn't too worried about the whole killing-people thing anymore.
  • Thomas rears back and throws the knife at the stocky guy, just like Gally did back during the Maze Trials. The knife nails the guy's neck, and he collapses, dying.
  • Thomas then bolts, and he reaches the building with the Right Arm people. The Right Arm people say they've been looking for him. Oh, and they're also about to blow the whole place up.
  • So the whole plan about taking over? Nah, Right Arm's just gonna destroy the whole place.