Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Sixty-Three

By James Dashner

Chapter Sixty-Three

  • Thomas hears the voice again. It says, "Thomas I have faith in you" (63.1).
  • Somehow, Thomas is able to get himself up. When he gets up, there's still no one in the room.
  • But hey, he's alive. So that's a plus.
  • On a table is a manila envelope with Thomas written on the front in big red letters.
  • The first paper inside is a map of the WICKED complex; the second is a letter from Chancellor Paige.
  • In the letter, Chancellor Paige describes how the Trials are over. She stopped the procedure, much to some of her associates' dismay, and she will work on a cure from the data she gathered.
  • Chancellor Paige also placed a back door in an unused maintenance room. She needs Thomas to gather his friends as well as all the immune people he can and escape.
  • Oh, and there are paths marked on the map: a tunnel that will lead Thomas to the Right Arm, a path that will get him to the Immunes, and route that will get him to the maintenance room. There, a Flat Trans will transport him to what will hopefully be a new life.
  • Huh, sounds legit.
  • Remember, Brenda once told Thomas to trust Chancellor Paige. So he is all for it.
  • Thomas memorizes the paths and looks at the map, and one thing in particular catches his eye: they hid the Immunes in the Maze.