Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirteen

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirteen

  • As the new gang gets ready to get to the hangar—a bunch of guards come in hot. Bam boom kaplowy: bullets are flying.
  • In the end, the guards didn't stand a chance: not only are they completely destroyed in the matchup, but Minho is able to take a female guard hostage.
  • Minho gets the guard to talk a little bit, and she tells him that something else is going on, which is why there weren't a ton of troops going after them. A whole group of guards were called to a different section, but she doesn't know why.
  • They all run towards the hangar again, and they reach a giant set of double doors. Hmm, seems like a good place to hide something important.
  • The hostage tells the group that they shouldn't go in, because they'll get blown to bits by a bunch of guards who are waiting there.
  • Minho thinks the guard is bluffing, but just in case, he gives her the key card and tells her to open the doors up. Quick thinking right there.
  • Just as she reaches the door, an alarm starts blaring, and the lights go out. Great.