Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty

  • Now, any normal person would have probably screamed, run around like a chicken without a head, and then exited the building. But Thomas isn't normal. He just sits there and watches.
  • The man on Bliss hits the gun out of Red Shirt's hand, and Thomas still just sits there watching.
  • Finally, Red Shirt notices the dumbfounded Thomas, and he starts yelling at him to leave. Thomas utters that he's immune.
  • Uhh, yeah. Probably not the best thing to tell anyone. Remember, outsiders hate Munies.
  • Red Shirt orders Thomas to help him get the gun. Thomas grabs it and hands it to the man, but then the man turns on Thomas. He thinks Thomas is a crazy person for not knowing what the heck is going on.
  • Red Shirt figures he should just test Thomas, which is a relief. He runs the test, and everything checks out.
  • Thomas tells Red Shirt he works for WICKED, which is why he's in Denver.
  • Another bad idea.
  • Meanwhile, the guy with the Flare is screaming and stuff, so Red Shirt finally shoots him with his gun. A gel-like substance comes out, and it spreads all over the top half of the man, seeping into every crack in his skin.
  • Red Shirt then tells Thomas that he has to come with him somewhere.
  • Way to go, Thomas: now you're a hostage. For like the zillionth time.