Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty-Eight

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty-Eight

  • The gang reaches the bowling alley, and Minho confirms that Newt's inside.
  • To make sure they get back safe, Jorge bribes the guards with triple the amount of moolah they initially promised. Who cares, after all? It's WICKED's money.
  • The guards agree, and the gang walks inside. When they reach the bowling alley, people are strung out along the lanes in sleeping bags. They're either sleeping or staring at nothing.
  • The gang finds Newt, and he tells them to get lost. He's super mad—in lots of different ways.
  • Newt says that the people who found him in the Berg thought he was immune but then figured out he had the Flare, so they took him.
  • Oh, and by the way, Newt has a Launcher. Nice.
  • Newt says he stole it from a guard who made him "unhappy." Errr, okay. Settle down there, Newt.
  • Then Newt freaks out: he screams at Minho, then points at Thomas and tells him he has a lot of nerve for coming back to find him.
  • Thomas is deeply hurt by Newt's comments, even though he knows Newt doesn't really mean it.