Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty Four

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty Four

  • The next morning, the gang leaves at about 8:00am, and Jorge expresses his concern about how there should be more people out and about.
  • The gang starts walking toward an area that should have cabs, and on the way, they see a dude with his back turned to them, shirtless, hunched over something and digging his hand into something else. A very creepy scene, to say the least.
  • This man is totally crazy, so the gang tries to just move along and avoid the elephant in the room. But then the man springs up and turns toward them. Blood is all over his mouth and nose.
  • The just grins at everyone and shows his hands. He then goes back to his work.
  • Yeah, things just got creepier, so the gang decides to sprint away.
  • When they get pretty far away and finally find a cab, Minho says that he thinks the guy was eating a person. Brenda thinks it was a dog. Either way, it's pretty bad.
  • The gang reaches the airport and gets to the Berg. Phew, no more crazy people, right?
  • When they get inside the Berg, all of the lights are off, and no one is responding to their calls. Something bad probably happened here.
  • Minho finds a note on one of the couches. It says that people got inside the Berg somehow, and they're taking Newt to live with other Cranks.
  • Newt wrote the letter, and he also says that it's for the best. He says thank you to everyone for being his friends.
  • Oof, that's tough to swallow.