Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty-Nine

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty-Nine

  • The chapter begins with Newt feeling sorry and apologizing. The Flare causes him to have quick bursts of madness.
  • Newt says that he found a group that's a lot like him, and they're planning on breaking out and heading for Denver. He's going with them.
  • Thomas tries again to convince Newt to follow him and the gang back to the Berg, but then one of Newt's new friends approaches Thomas and tells him to leave.
  • Thomas tells the Crank dude to get lost, triggering the man's anger. He starts to attack Thomas with a shard of glass, but Brenda swats it away. Minho tackles him to the ground—the signature Minho move.
  • Newt starts going bananas, shouting that he'll shoot. Anyone.
  • The fight continues, so Newt shoots. He hits the Crank, making the guy spasm and stuff.
  • Newt then points the Launcher at everyone else and tells them to leave. Like, for real. They need to leave.
  • It hurts, but the gang decides it's best they do leave.
  • Newt's officially a goner.