Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty-Seven

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty-Seven

  • Despite the message, Minho is adamant about going to Newt. Thomas agrees.
  • They all make their way to the Central Zone, and the guards tell them that Newt is in the bowling alley. Ooh, maybe Newt doesn't want to see them because he's in the middle of a game? Er, probably not. It's probably because he's going absolutely insane and doesn't want help.
  • When the gang gets to the Central Zone, Cranks are everywhere. And they're all acting nuts.
  • To Thomas, it seems like every Crank action is hyperbolic: the Cranks are either extremely happy or crazy sad.
  • On their way to the bowling alley, lots of Cranks just stare at the gang. One woman Crank even approaches Thomas and tells him she wants to kiss him.
  • Now that, Brenda says, is one of the creepiest things they've seen yet.