Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Thirty-Two

By James Dashner

Chapter Thirty-Two

  • Well, luckily, Janson isn't in the machine: it's just a hologram of him.
  • Janson tells Thomas WICKED didn't go to Denver, because the infection rate in Denver is astronomical at this point.
  • Janson also tells Thomas that he's the Final Candidate, and that WICKED needs him.
  • Pshh, yeah, right.
  • Oh, and one more thing: Newt is in trouble.
  • Now that last bit ticks Thomas off. Janson tells him one last time that he should go back to WICKED, as it would be in his best interest.
  • The machine pulls away, and Thomas's friends come back. Jorge tells Thomas that the whole place is a ghost town, and he has a weird feeling about it.
  • They decide to take a cab back to the Berg in hopes of finding Newt.