Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Three

By James Dashner

Chapter Three

  • To tell the whole story from the beginning, WICKED sought out a bunch of immune kids who were supa-smaht, then they found a bunch of smart kids who weren't immune—a.k.a. the control group—and put them all in the Maze.
  • Ahh, so that explains everything. Still, Thomas is not amused.
  • Oh, and according to Rat Man, the Variables are all done to stimulate responses in the killzone—otherwise known as the brain—where the Flare does the most damage.
  • With all of this info now readily available to everyone, let's go follow Thomas.
  • Rat Man leads Thomas to a room with a bathroom and new clothes and showers and all that jazz.
  • Finally, Thomas can scrub off that god-awful smell that's been emanating from his body the past few weeks.