Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Eight

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Eight

  • Thomas dreams while he's sedated. Shocker.
  • Thomas is fifteen this time, and Teresa is with him. He and Teresa have just done something terrible.
  • Two words pop into Thomas's head: The Purge (28.6).
  • What's that? Well, it turns out the original creators had to all be killed because they all had the Flare.
  • When Thomas wakes up, Minho lets him know that Hans fixed both of them up. Huzzah.
  • So Thomas is okay now, and he also officially will never be able to play telepathy games anymore with Teresa and Aris. But he really doesn't care at all at this point.
  • Hans says he wishes he could go with the kids, but he has a wife, so he needs to leave.
  • Andddd see ya, Hans.