Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Five

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Five

  • When they all settle in the crummy apartment room, Gally tells how WICKED gave him his memory back, without him asking for it.
  • Gally also expresses remorse about killing Chuck: if he had guts back then, he says, he could have rebelled.
  • Gally also hated Thomas sooooo much back in the Glade. But we kind of got that gist.
  • Anyway, about the Right Arm—they want to use WICKED's money and influence for things that actually matter, not just mindless experiments that kill kids.
  • It also turns out that Gally totally faked being crazy back at WICKED so that he could get sent away. A bunch of spies in WICKED'S headquarters told him to do so.
  • Gally also knew the gang was coming to Denver because he got a message from Netblock.
  • The Flare is running rampant through the city, and immune people are disappearing left and right. Word has it that WICKED is capturing them to use them again—for new trials.
  • Greaaaat.
  • And the other Gladers? Gally saw them, too: he found out about the immunes being captured from Teresa.
  • Here's the worst news out of all: rumor has it that there's a bounty out for Hans. People want him dead because WICKED thinks the gang went to Denver for him.
  • Which, you know, is pretty spot on.