Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Four

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Four

  • Thomas thinks back to how he beat the living snot out of Gally back in the Maze.
  • Brenda then tells everyone about Gally and how WICKED was using him. The psychological damage that Gally went through must have been unbearable.
  • When he got back, Gally was trying to eat chairs and was ripping his own hair out. He was totally nutso.
  • Jorge then lets everyone know that the Right Arm is an underground group bent on taking down WICKED. So hey, at least they sound like the good guys, right?
  • Thomas decides that they should go to Gally first.
  • They take a cab (funny how cabs are used pretty casually in this slowly dying world), and on the way Thomas sees a bunch of posters and ads he'd never thought imaginable.
  • Most people wear masks and hold rags to their mouths and noses, and everyone looks uneasy.
  • One poster Thomas sees that sticks out shows a woman: the poster reads, "CHANCELLOR PAIGE LOVES YOU" (24.37).
  • Huh, that sort of reminds us of "BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU."
  • There are a bunch of these posters around the city, but a lot of them are sprayed with graffiti and such.
  • Enough of the sightseeing: our heroes reach the apartment they are looking for.
  • They knock on the door of the right room, and Gally answers. He's happy they came, he says, "[b]ecause the end of the world is upon us" (24.51).