Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-One

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-One

  • Brenda knows some dude named Hans who lives in Denver. He's immune, and he's a doctor. He also used to work for WICKED, but he left because he disagreed with their motives. Brenda herself has never really liked WICKED.
  • If the gang can get to this doctor, they can have him take the chips out of the heads of Thomas and Minho so that WICKED can't track them anymore.
  • Sounds like a plan to Thomas.
  • The next day on the Berg, the group holds a meeting—which Minho calls a Gathering, for old time's sake.
  • They eventually unanimously decide to go to Denver. But Newt will have to stay on the Berg until they figure out something.
  • When the meeting finally adjourns, Thomas decides to take a nap. Then he dreams. As he does.
  • In his dream, Thomas is twelve, and an unhappy man is facing him.
  • Thomas is being difficult, apparently, and the man is questioning Thomas's motivation to go through with the project (probably the whole WICKED experiment).
  • Thomas's twelve-year-old self recites the Goals of WICKED, which we've heard about a million times already.