Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Seven

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Seven

  • So, WICKED has taken control of Thomas at this point, and he's now fighting his friends.
  • After smacking Minho and Brenda, Thomas grabs a knife by the kitchen. Oh, boy.
  • Thomas keeps doing the whole "I can't… let you… do this" thing, and Minho tackles him from behind. Thank you, Minho.
  • As the gang pins Thomas down, a crazy amount of adrenaline overcomes his body, and he throws Minho off of him.
  • Zombie Thomas then sets out to attack Hans, but luckily, Jorge and Minho yank him back before he can do any bad damage.
  • "I can't… let you… do this." Yeah, we get it, dude.
  • Oh, and this whole time, Thomas himself is trying to fight WICKED's control of him. He doesn't want to be fighting, so when Minho and Jorge tackle him, he's all like, nooice!
  • Thomas is finally restrained, and Hans sedates him. Phew, that's over.