Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Six

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Six

  • Everyone leaves.
  • Thomas decides that trusts Gally. He doesn't know why, he just does.
  • The gang gets a cheap motel to stay in that night, and the next morning, they end up at Hans's house.
  • Hans is an old man who doesn't seem to like the boys.
  • After some arguing, Brenda convinces Hans to help Thomas and Minho get the chips out of their brains. Remember, Hans hates WICKED, too.
  • As Hans goes to fetch his tools, Thomas starts seriously freaking out. His body starts going to spasms, and something takes control. Huh, must be WICKED.
  • Panic overcomes Thomas, and he can only say one thing: "I can't… let you… do this" (26.47).