Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Twenty-Three

By James Dashner

Chapter Twenty-Three

  • When they touch down in Denver, Jorge informs everyone that they all have fake identities and that they all need to play along with the information he gives the people at the airport.
  • So, now we have Jorge Gallaraga, Brenda Despain, Thomas Murphy, and Minho Park. Whatever works, we guess.
  • The security at the Denver airport takes out some devices that apparently press to your face, line up to your eye sockets, and then prick your neck: these are detectors of the Flare.
  • Everyone goes through the procedure. They're cleared of the Flare and considered immune.
  • Then everyone is ordered to enter the detector, which, er, "detects stuff," as Brenda so helpfully says (23.36).
  • When they finally get past security, they all enter a mall. Thomas has no idea what a mall is.
  • A random dude in a suit quickly approaches them and says he knows that they escaped from WICKED.
  • Whoa, easy there, bud.
  • The random dude hands Thomas a slip of paper. He says that he's only asking for help, and he assures them that they'll all be protected when they arrive.
  • Too bad we have no idea what this guy is talking about.
  • The man walks away, and Thomas reads the slip of paper: It says this: "I'm with a group called the Right Arm. Corner of Kenwood and Brookshire, Apartment 2792" (23.52).
  • Oh, and it's from Gally. You know, that crazy kid from the Maze? The one who threw the knife and killed Chuck?
  • Yeah, that Gally.