Study Guide

The Death Cure Chapter Two

By James Dashner

Chapter Two

  • Despite planning out all of the scenarios in his head of how he'd react when the door finally opened, Thomas ends up doing nothing.
  • In comes Rat Man, the guy who gave everyone the whole Scorch Trials spiel back in Book Two.
  • So, this guy casually strolls in telling Thomas he has good news, but Thomas is understandably ticked off.
  • Rat Man tells Thomas that he still has the Flareā€”but WICKED's data is almost complete.
  • Rat Man also tells Thomas the whole plan of WICKED: analyze the kids' brain patterns, build a blueprint from them, then develop a cure for the Flare from the blueprint.
  • Oh, remember the whole Thomas has the Flare thing? Rat Man decides to drop a bomb and tell Thomas he's actually immune to the Flare.
  • Apparently, there are people like Thomas out in the public called Munies, and they're universally hated by the masses.