Study Guide

The Death Cure Epilogue

By James Dashner


  • Just as in the first two books, the epilogue here is a Memorandum from Ava Paige.
  • This time, it's titled A new beginning.
  • In the Memorandum, Paige states that WICKED failed, but they also succeeded.
  • Paige anticipated the outcome of the Trials, so she put in an alternate solution to save at least a portion of the human race.
  • With the help of two of her partners, "two wisely placed Immunes" (E.4), Paige was able to have the best possible outcome.
  • Hmm, wisely placed Immunes? Paige is hinting at Brenda and Jorge.
  • Brenda and Jorge have sent the Immunes to a safe place where they can start civilization over as the rest of the world is driven to extinction. Well, that's sad, we guess, but what can you do?
  • Paige also notes that releasing the Flare virus was a method of population control after the sun flares. She blames the government for this abhorrent crime.
  • Paige adds that she has no idea how history will judge the actions of WICKED, but WICKED really only had one goal, and that was to preserve the human race. And they did that.
  • Paige's last line is this: "As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over, WICKED is good" (E.9).
  • Huh, guess WICKED was good, after all.