Study Guide

The Death Cure Madness

By James Dashner


Okay, so in The Death Cure, there are people walking around the streets with a brain-eating disease that's slowly destroying mankind. This brain-eating disease causes them to actually start going insane, after which they become unable to control their own actions and thoughts. Plus, there are government agencies and underground societies trying to "cure" this disease or "maintain" it, but all they're really doing is killing a bunch of innocent kids.

Now, that, friends, is madness.

Questions About Madness

  1. What is a real disease that we can compare to the Flare?
  2. Does Newt seem to go crazy more rapidly than you imagined he would?
  3. If you had the Flare, would you try to find the Bliss?

Chew on This

Newt's madness is brought upon rapidly because of WICKED's harsh treatment of the Gladers.

Janson's madness is the reason WICKED fails.