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Dorothea in The Egypt Game

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Dorothea, April's glamorous mother, lives in Los Angeles and is always off chasing fame and going on tour. April completely idolizes her mother, but Dorothea is, well, pretty flighty. She isn't always present for her little girl, and let's just say she's not winning any best-mom awards anytime soon. First, she sends April to stay with Caroline without telling her when she can come home:

When Dorothea and Nick, Dorothea's agent and good friend, had put April on the bus the morning before, they had each slipped her some money. (2.17)

Dorothea doesn't even accompany April on the trip, and she just continues to evade her daughter's questions about when she's coming home. To the point that, when she does invite April to Palm Springs for Christmas, April has come to the realization that she's better off with Grandma. And it's a fair bet April will be a lot happier that way.

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