Study Guide

Elizabeth Chung in The Egypt Game

By Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Elizabeth Chung

Elizabeth is the new girl who moves into Casa Rosada, and at first April worries that she's too young to play with them. But as soon as the girls meet Elizabeth, they want to be friends with her—and to protect the younger girl. That is because Elizabeth is shy and kind in a way that makes them feel like they should watch over her:

She was shy, but not in the stiff embarrassing way that makes other people feel embarrassed, too. It was a gentle friendly shyness that made other people feel important, sort of in charge of things. (7.24)

Elizabeth brings this same attitude to the Egypt Game. Instead of making up her own rituals or ideas, Elizabeth is completely in awe of what April and Melanie do—and she is filled with excitement for the game that further motivates them.

She's both a cheerleader and a very supportive friend, and that turns out to be just what they need.

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