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The Egypt Game Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Egypt Invaded

  • When they make it back to Egypt, the kids immediately start playing. They decide that the gods are angry with them for being away for so long, and that they must make a sacrifice.
  • Then they have to figure out what to do. Elizabeth thinks they should stick their fingers with a needle and write the gods a letter in blood.
  • Unfortunately (but really, fortunately), no one has a needle.
  • April thinks that they should sacrifice Security, Marshall's stuffed octopus. Marshall immediately vetoes that idea.
  • Finally, they settle on biting off some fingernails and strands of hair, and burning that along with some paper. At least the octopus is safe.
  • Uh-oh. At one point during their ceremony they happen to look up, and they see a huge, looming figure coming towards them.
  • Is your spine tingling yet?

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