Study Guide

The Egypt Game Chapter 15

By Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Chapter 15

The Ceremony for the Dead

  • The next day, the kids go to Egypt and prepare to bury Petey the parakeet. Elizabeth is totally heartbroken, and the other kids try to comfort her.
  • The kids process through the yard, wailing and holding up the body of the dead parakeet.
  • Um, isn't that a little unsanitary?
  • The boys participate fully in this new ritual, even though the girls were worried that they wouldn't be all-in.
  • When it's time to go home, Toby tells all the kids that he's going to do some research on how to make a mummy, and that he'll let them know what supplies they need to bring next time.
  • Over the next week, they work on mummifying the little bird.
  • Does anyone else think that's a tiny bit gross?
  • As they get more and more involved in their game, the kids become less cautious about keeping the Egypt Game a secret. They forget that people could be watching
  • That is, except for Marshall, who knows that someone is indeed watching. He's not going to tell the other kids about it yet, though.

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