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The Egypt Game Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

The Oracle Speaks

  • The next day, the kids all meet in the alley and go into Egypt together so that no one has time to mess with the oracle's message—you know, if the oracle did end up leaving one.
  • April gets to lead the ceremony in order to collect the oracle's answer. But first, the kids all dress up in their costumes and join in a procession to the altar of Thoth.
  • No procession to an altar is complete without reusing Halloween costumes, after all.
  • When April gets to the altar and unrolls the piece of paper, though, she gets mad. Ken's question—about whether he'll be a big league star someday—is there, and someone has written a message back. It's about how "man is his own star."
  • That's pretty inspiring, no? But April is still mad.
  • Why? Because she thinks that Ken or one of the other kids snuck in and responded. But they all deny any knowledge of it.
  • The kids start fighting over who wrote it, so Melanie suggests that they write another message to see if this happens again. April gets to write down the question this time. They all check to make sure she didn't write an answer too. Trust is wearing pretty thin, looks like.
  • As soon as they finish the ceremony, they hear thunder and feel the first drops of rain.
  • How dramatic. Do you think it has anything to do with their dark and stormy moods?
  • The kids all scurry away from Egypt to get indoors before the storm gets too wild.

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