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The Egypt Game Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

Where is Security?

  • The kids are all anxious for school to end the following day so they can get back to Egypt and check the message.
  • On top of that, Marshall is freaking out because Security is gone, and he's pretty sure he left the stuffed octopus in Egypt.
  • He seems to lack a sense of security without his octopus. Which kind of explains that weird name.
  • When they get to Egypt, though, Security is nowhere to be seen. Marshall is so upset that he refuses to take part in the ceremony.
  • April checks the message and finds that there is another answer. She'd asked when she was going home again. The mysterious answer: the best thing to do is to make wherever you are look as much like home as possible.
  • The kids are spooked. For all they know, there's a very inspiring ghost writing messages to them. They even discuss stopping the game altogether.
  • But then Marshall bursts in that they can't stop, and that he has a question to ask. He needs to ask about where Security went.
  • Then they go home, with Marshall feeling satisfied. He's convinced that Security will be found, but the other kids worry that the oracle will let him down. Ghosts aren't known to be octopus hunters, after all. Well, not all of them.
  • And that's why they're worried. How devastated will Marshall be if the oracle can't locate Security at all?
  • Pretty devastated.

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