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The Egypt Game Chapter 19

By Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Chapter 19

Confession and Confusion

  • The next day, Toby admits something to April and Melanie: he was the one who wrote down the oracle's answers. That's some inspirational stuff for a pre-teen boy.
  • But now he doesn't know what to do because he has no idea where Security is.
  • The girls are quite upset that he lied to them all. Which is fair.
  • He tells them that he was going to stop anyway. It was scary to go out at night and write the answers. He even saw someone else in the alley at night.
  • Hmm…
  • April decides that she'll conduct the ceremony this afternoon, and that she'll pretend that the back of the note says something about Security going to visit his family for a few days.
  • The kids figure that will give them some time to look for Security in the meantime and to return him to Marshall, if they're lucky.
  • When they perform the ceremony, though, the paper says something in old-fashioned handwriting. It tells them to look under the altar of Set.
  • The kids check the altar of Set and, lo and behold—there's Security!
  • Toby swears up and down that he didn't write that, and the girls believe him. He's too shocked to be lying again.
  • What's spookier, the mysteriously correct answer, or the old-fashioned handwriting? Maybe this time it's actually a ghost…a really old ghost…

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