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The Egypt Game Chapter 20

By Zilpha Keatley Snyder

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Chapter 20

Fear Strikes

  • The kids go back to Egypt over the next few days. But they're way too nervous to really play. Hey, wouldn't you be spooked?
  • As they play, they can't help but wonder how this whole situation with the oracle and Security happened.
  • One evening, Melanie and her parents go to a concert at the college. They leave Marshall at home, and April comes over to babysit.
  • April starts doing homework but realizes that she doesn't have her math book because she left it in Egypt. Now that's fuel for a great big uh-oh.
  • She asks Marshall for a flashlight and says she'll be right back.
  • No can do. Marshall is super stubborn and demands that April let him come along too.
  • You'd think she'd be able to stand up to a four-year-old, but she feels like she doesn't have any choice. So she takes his hand and they head out into the streets.
  • As April is holding open the board to the yard to let Marshall into Egypt, someone grabs her from behind.
  • A strong hand covers her mouth.
  • April is completely horrified.
  • She can't even scream.
  • Sounds like a nightmare to us.
  • Marshall just stands there staring at her and the person behind her. Why isn't he screaming? At last, she hears an unfamiliar, hoarse voice yelling for help.
  • Let's hope some help actually comes.

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