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The Egypt Game Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

The Hero

  • Okay, so help comes. Luckily the suspense only lasted till the start of the next chapter.
  • Neighbors find April and Marshall, and they are taken immediately to the police station. The police question Marshall, but all he can say is that April was attacked by a big man.
  • When they ask him if it was a white or black man, Marshall says that he was spotted. Um, okay.
  • The police don't know what to make of this at all. This is why they don't often question four-year-olds.
  • But Marshall says that he knows the man. Maybe he'll be some help after all.
  • Then there's some sort of commotion as the Professor is led into the police station. Marshall is asked if that's the man who attacked April, but he shakes his head. Instead, he says that the Professor is the one who called for help.
  • Way to go, creepy old Professor.
  • Marshall is frustrated that they're questioning the Professor. He tells the police that he meant the spotted man who works at Schmitt's. April realizes that he's talking about Mr. Schmitt's cousin—the stock boy.
  • That's more like it. In a police-investigation sorta way.
  • Some of the policemen rush off, and the inspector tells the kids how lucky they are that the Professor was watching and was able to call for help.
  • Then Caroline, April's grandmother, rushes in and they all start crying. Getting grabbed by a murderer and miraculously saved by a Professor no one trusted until now can be pretty emotional, after all.
  • She takes the two children home and they spend a nice, quiet night together indoors.
  • Later on, the police ask April and Marshall to come in for a line-up. Marshall identifies Mr. Schmitt's cousin right away. Way to go, Marshall.
  • The man ends up confessing to all the murders, and admits that Mr. Schmitt gave him an alibi each time before. This time, though, he's not getting away with it.
  • Later on, Melanie mentions that her mother said that the man was probably sick in the head…and that's why he did all those bad things. It's as good an explanation as any.
  • After that, Marshall is in the newspapers—he's a hero.
  • He takes this all very calmly. He even starts leaving Security at home sometimes. Maybe he's growing up after all. That, or the hero status gives him a new kind of security. Only this one doesn't have eight legs.

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