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The Egypt Game Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Gains and Losses

  • The whole neighborhood is deeply relieved that the murderer has been apprehended, but the kids are sad.
  • No, not because they morbidly crave the adventure of having a murderer on the loose. Because someone has boarded up the entrance to Egypt. What will they do without their game?
  • A few days after Christmas vacation starts, April decides that she's going to go to the antiques shop to see the Professor.
  • When she gets there, she's startled to find that the musty old antiques store is super busy. It looks like the Professor's business has picked up significantly. Maybe it has something to do with how he shouted for help and saved April and Marshall.
  • Another surprise: Elizabeth's mom is working at the shop now to help out the Prof.
  • Mrs. Chung says hi to April and tells her that the Professor's name is actually Dr. Huddleston. Sounds like Cuddleston! No one would have thought he was scary if they'd known that.
  • Dr. Huddleston comes over to greet April, and shows her a hieroglyphic from an Egyptian tomb. Needless to say, she finds this very impressive.
  • He tells her that he's a doctor of philosophy, and that he used to teach at the college before he opened this shop. Sounds like there's a whole bunch of knowledge to be had where he's involved.
  • When April goes home, she finds that there's a letter from her mother. Just what she's been waiting for: Mom is asking her to come out to Palm Springs to spend Christmas with her.
  • April sits down and writes a return letter. She says that she's grateful for the invitation, but that she and her grandmother already have lots of fun plans for Christmas and she'd rather stay here.
  • A few months exchanging false eyelashes for hieroglyphs and she's a new girl.

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