Study Guide

The Female Man Three-Act Plot Analysis

By Joanna Russ

Three-Act Plot Analysis

Act I (Parts 1-7)

Janet, Jeannine, and Joanna are brought into and out of one another's worlds, without knowing how or why. Although they slowly come to learn a lot about one another, things are very muddled and confused.

Act II (Part 8)

Jael succeeds in bringing Janet, Jeannine, and Joanna to her world. The women begin to understand how they are all related, and what Jael is up to. Confronted with the war in Jael's world, they're faced with a choice: to help, or not to help?

Act III (Part 9)

The characters get together one last time, then part ways. Janet has denied Jael's request for support; Jeannine has agreed. As she says goodbye to them, the omniscient narrator/Joanna bids farewell to The Female Man, and sends it (the book) out into the world with her blessing.