Study Guide

Lenny in The Female Man

By Joanna Russ


Lenny doesn't appear in the novel for very long; he's one of the Manland guards hanging around at the recreation center where Jael meets up with Anna. He's a big guy, dressed in a standard guard's uniform: "crimson epaulets," "gold boots," a "sky-blue codpiece," and a shaved head (8.8.6). Like other Manlanders, Lenny doesn't spend much time around women, but he's convinced that the secret wish of all Womanlanders is to be with a man. "Don't you dream about it?" he asks Jael: "Don't all you girls dream about us?" (8.8.11). Jael humors him, because she's biding her time, but Lenny is one of the many male characters in this novel whose aggressiveness toward women comes through in his supposedly "friendly" gestures and conversation.