Study Guide

Kellan in The Future of Us

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn


Age: Around 16

Appearance: Black hair, perfect skin (9.14)

Activities Include: Taking college classes, doing science experiments, pining over her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Tyson

Futures Include: Being a single mother to fourteen-year-old Lindsay

Drama Queen and Love Guru

Kellan is someone who dives headfirst into life. She's loud, dramatic, and a total romantic—which is both a good and bad thing. For instance, she's really good at physics, so she's taking a college-level course… but she's not just there for the learning, and is partially there because of the hot college guys. As she puts it, "You won't believe the guys at Hemlock. They're men" (9.42). We're not hating on her appreciation for eye candy; the trouble here is that Facebook suggests that Kellan gets pregnant while still a teen. So maybe her enthusiasm has a downside.

Pregnancy and hot boys aside, Kellan is constantly arguing with Emma over whether true love exists. Even though she's been through a dramatic breakup with Tyson (whom she's still in love with), she tells Emma: "it was worth it" (9.50). So while Emma keeps her heart locked up, Kellan is comfortable with the idea of hers getting hurt—the upside of being open makes the downside worth her while.

Speaking of being open, this same quality makes Kellan a really good friend. For instance, when Emma breaks up with Graham, Kellan is right there, joyously singing "Celebrate Good Times" to show her support. And when Emma's having a miserable time at Rick's bonfire, Kellan stays by her side, willing to bounce when Emma is, even though Emma knows "she's not ready to leave, but she's too loyal of a friend to tell me" (60.16). Because here's the thing about Kellan: She has her priorities in order.

Kellan knows what she wants. Sometimes it's boys, sometimes it's advanced physics courses, and sometimes it's tending to Emma even if she's having a great time at a party. But no matter what it is she's after, you can bet that Kellan goes for it with everything she's got.

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