Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 13

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 13


  • Emma is blasting Dave Matthews on the drive home from school; she's frustrated that Josh saw her and Graham. When she saw Josh, she immediately pushed Graham away and ran after her friends, but they had already left.
  • When Emma gets home she realizes that she wants to go online. But she doesn't feel comfortable trying to get a hold of Josh.
  • She notices that her mom left her email information next to the computer, so she signs in to double check that she doesn't also have a Facebook.
  • Emma has dinner with her mom and stepdad and then goes back up to her room.
  • As she's lying on her bed she thinks about the night that everything went wrong with Josh.
  • It was the opening night of Toy Story, and she sat next to Josh and buried her face in his shoulder during the scary scenes. (Not sure what she tried to classify as scary in that movie…)
  • After the movie, they went to visit Tyson's mom's grave. She and Josh walked off to search for the tombs of an old couple named Clarence and Millicent, who died on the same date—they found the tombs before together, and were both taken with the idea that they died together.
  • Anyway, Josh takes this moment alone to try to kiss her. She freaks out and says that she just sees him as a friend—but when she says this, she realizes right away that she's ruined their friendship.
  • While Emma's thinking about this night, she falls asleep, and doesn't wake up until her mom comes to tell her that Josh is at the door.

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