Study Guide

The Future of Us Part 3: Tuesday / Chapter 17

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Part 3: Tuesday / Chapter 17


  • Emma gets to school early so she can say hi to her friends in the newspaper office. Then, ready to take on the world, she takes time to do her hair and makeup for class.
  • When she got to school, she put a note in Graham's locker saying she'd see him later—this way she can avoid having to run into him.
  • While chatting with her friends, she mentions to Kellan that she wants to sign up for that college science class with her—you know, the one Kellan was trying to convince her to take.
  • Kellan makes a comment about them going to med school together, which makes Emma realize that she can look up Kellan's Facebook and see if that actually happens.

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