Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 2

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 2


  • Josh follows Emma to her room. He hasn't been over in six months—not since he misread their friendship and thought she wanted something more.
  • She asks him to "humor him" (2.9) and look at the computer screen.
  • He's not really sure why, but he feels really uncomfortable about all this. While he looks at the screen she wanders over to the window.
  • He sees the picture and thinks the pic looks like an older version of Emma; no biggie.
  • He thinks the website is disorganized looking, though, and Jordan Jones Jr. sounds like a fake name.
  • Both Emma and Josh assume that the other person has made the website for a class at school.
  • When they both deny it, though, Josh starts freaking out on the inside. He's torn between thinking this is some kind of prank and thinking it's a website from the future. Or maybe he's just crazy.
  • Emma also doesn't understand why it would be a joke.
  • "Maybe you've become famous in the future?" (2.42) Josh suggests. Emma makes a snide comment about going to the track Olympics with her crush Cody, and Josh is irritated by her remark.
  • Now another big shocker: There's a link to Emma's future husband. She looks at the picture of a guy standing on a boat holding a fish and thinks he's hot—definitely a plus.
  • Emma's mom knocks at the door and tells them to get off the Internet because Emma's stepfather needs to use it. (Fun fact: Back in the day, only one person could use the Internet at a time because it was accessed using your home phone line.)
  • Emma walks Josh to the door and he tells her to keep him updated.

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