Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 25

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 25


  • Emma locks herself in her room and starts calling every J. Jones on the sheet, crossing names out as she goes.
  • Finally she gets the right one. The lady on the phone is Jordan's aunt, and gives Emma the number that she can use to reach him. When Emma explains that she's a friend from school, the woman replies, "Jordan certainly has plenty of those" (25.15). Well then.
  • Emma calls the number and finally talks to Jordan himself. Contrary to her negative feelings about this guy, his voice sounds pleasant over the phone. She pretends to have met him at a party and luckily, he buys it.
  • Emma manages to make small talk and find out what college he goes to: Tampa State. Now she can cross it off of her own college options and rule out the possibility of ever running into him.
  • When she hangs up, Emma feels a little bit sad. After all, she just dumped the guy she was going to spend her life with.
  • Just as she's crossing Tampa State off of her college list, Josh knocks at the door.
  • He tells her that she can't "unmarry" Jordan and change stuff about the future, and he promises to lend support for her through her awful future life.
  • Josh is majorly motivated by his desire to not give up Sydney Mills.
  • Emma tells Josh that it's too late, though—she's already gotten rid of Jordan. Josh turns pale.

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