Study Guide

The Future of Us Chapter 26

By Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn

Chapter 26


  • Josh is mad about Emma taking the future into her own hands. In his mind, she ruined fifteen years of history just because she didn't think she'd like the guy she was going to marry. How could she do this?
  • Josh tells Emma that he wouldn't have change anything if their situations were reversed.
  • It's dangerous to mess with the future, and Josh tries to get Emma to see all the small effects that can be made by changing big things.
  • Emma tells Josh that he's being mean, saying that because his life ends up great, he doesn't care about what happens to her.
  • Before they get back on Facebook, Josh says that they need to set down rules about being too particular. If her new future life looks fine, she needs to leave it alone.
  • Sure enough, Jordan Jones Jr. is gone, and a guy named Kevin Storm has replaced him. In addition, Emma now has a baby and she's a marine biologist, which is her dream job.
  • Josh is still married to Sydney—phew, what a relief—but they find a picture of her with a big pregnant belly, which was definitely not in their future yesterday.
  • Josh and Sydney went from having three kids already to expecting their first. Josh sadly thinks about how he'll never know those three kids because they won't ever exist.
  • Emma reminds him of what they learned in health class—any small change in environment or routine will effect sperm, and therefore the kids, or number of kids, that you have.
  • While she's giving him this science recap she starts slowly massaging his back. Weird. And Josh is extremely turned on but uncomfortable. But Emma just keeps explaining science until he tells her to change the subject.
  • Just then, Emma gets an instant message. She jumps up to her computer to check it out—and then scolds Josh for being a hypocrite. Now she knows that he's also been messing with the future… because Sydney Mills just asked Emma for his number.

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